Tokyo Course Grained


Nikki 2018/04/17

The current company is my second one (technically third?) since moving to Canada. So I thought I would rarely feel culture shock there. When I stared first job at Vancouver, A bunch of shocks got into previous office which is share office run by one university. But just finishing the second day, I am overwhelmed so much at new company. Most of them are luckily positive. 

Yesterday CEO was there whole day, I felt like it was rare... You may easily imagine my previous company could be odd and now I could realised.

He made chitchat with colleagues in the office, btw our office is small, has only 12 seats. The chitchat was about real estate ... Car... Money... But I thought over what middle class life is (or upper middle class, he's obviously rich) . Usually guys I met are immigrants. I means they are in working class or less than that. Other things just came up to my mind. There are less Asian workers in wework office than my ex office. Uh ah... Quite interesting... 

There are tons of snacks, pops, red bull... It's not good for our health though.. it's useful for needy people like me. There's a Google spreadsheet to write something to want.

Other thing I was surprised is that they do  not work hard.. I thought in game industry over hour work is normal. The time to start a job is late; it's around 10 am. But they run back from the office at around 5 - 6 pm. Moreover it's no doubt they make plenty of money... I bet our revenue can be bigger than Mervali in north America division. But engineers in it must work harder than us... and they are incredibly better engineer than me ...   I applied before and didn't pass. 

Engineering manager is super. He's the best manager I've ever met. He's knowledgeable and experienced, has leadership and communication skills to work.  I would be happy working with such a boss. I don't want to compare.. why are managers in Japan  ....... 

Also Everybody said to me welcome! Some guys who isn't in the office DM to me welcome! I didn't expect they are so nice... I will do same greetings when new employee join the group.

A transition from succesor or orientation was not rich but I understand because it's a startup company. Alive document is nothing.. a few comments on code..  the reason why I was hire is to fix such codes and clean up... So it didn't make me disappointed.