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Nikki 2018/04/16 読まないでいいです

First day at new job was over. Hoop I made it.


I was not overwhelmed so much. I actually was so nervous last night that I worked in truly native company and game industry for the first time. I tried to figure out what is my best game ever or what jargon is used in the industry .. prepped short self introduction note for people who meet firsthand. And I installed several games on steam and play them . One was fortnite, so-called PUBG clone. It was fun. I spent a couple of hours playing it. 

However, it was very normal startup company I saw often. there are many foreign workers; they talked about immigration process when I just entered in the office! It means they are willing to support work permit! the big difference is that the product is incredibly successful!

In my ex company, I'm not quite sure but there's obviously a financial issue. To make worse, there's managerial issue same time; like I often say, lack of leadership is source of problems. Anyways Payroll was always delayed for about a month. Other previous company was going sunset. the time I joined in was fine. After leaving or just before leaving, every KPI was going bad and saw many fans saying good bye because of poor service or wrong communication. It was very sad. By way of doing here, I understand what success is like. Hiring a bunch of people including me, build a team, rent new office, launch a new campaign! Free coffee, drink (is provided in wework), snacks, yogurt, giving us flexibility. 

One of thing amazed me is they lend me latest Mac book pro!!! Haha you may laugh at me. But every single company I joined haven't never lend me newest Mac book pro. In one company in Japan, I used Mac book pro 2012 model , which is the final model with no retina display!! I couldn't believe my eyes when giving me legacy Mac book to me on first day of work. In other two companies I was a contractor so I used own laptop.